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 Remote/Distance Healings


Remote/Distance Healings are available for clients who prefer healings in the privacy of their own home, or live outside of the state of Utah. A certified Energy Healer who can read and heal the energy system of the human body performs the healing. 

The healer tunes into the energy of the person they are healing and heals the energy system in and around the physical body.The energy system of the body is comprised of energy channels in the legs and arms, back and chest, the 7 main chakras and the aura/energy field around the body.

The healing takes place on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level and releases the energy of trauma and other stressful experiences, as well as old painful emotions out of the energy system of the body. 

The healer ‘looks’ at and ‘sees’ the energy of childhood/parent issues (such as rape or other abuse), or relationship issues, identity crisis, or whatever the issue/s are for them.The information of what the healer is ‘seeing’ and removing is shared with the client during the healing.   


All of our healings can be performed via Remote/Distance.

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Vickie; Thank You so much for the distant healing for my friend Dean Chester. He is improving. He is on the right medication for his depression and anxiety, and his drinking problem. He hasn’t had a drink in two months and he hasn’t had a cigarette in a month. He has got his old flat back. He is also involved in a number of therapy groups which are helping him so much.

~ Emily Jayne Ryder 




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